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Commissioned by the Vega Science Trust and produced by Edward Goldwyn (Ex BBC Horizon/Nova) this interesting video documentary gives us an inside view of a very special conference where Nobel Laureates gather in Lindau (Germany) with just one aim in mind - to meet young science students!





Each year some thirty or more Nobel laureates come to Lindau to give lectures and interact with around 1000 young scientists from around the world.  In any one year the focus is generally on one area eg chemistry, physics, medicine or economics.  The informal relaxed atmosphere enables the students to engage the scientists in informed and open-minded interaction.  This unique formula attracts many representatives of the media and so encourages a dialogue between the scientific community and the public so contributing effectively to the general understanding of science and technology.

This documentary follows the experiences of 6 young British Ph.D students who competed to become some of the few British students previleged enough to attend the Lindau meeting of Nobel Laureates.  A once in a life time experience we watch as these student prepare to meet their scientific heroes for the first time!


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