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A science video discussion on what is nanotechnology?   Will it change the world? 

Chaired by Colin Blakemore, featuring panellists Sir Harry Kroto (Nobel Prize winner for the discovery of C60, Sussex University, FSU), Jim Gimzewski (leading nano-technologist from IBM), Peter Dobson (Professor at Oxford University) and panel regular Jacqui McGlade.

A BBC/OU/Vega video.




"The most enthralling programme I saw on television last week - in fact I have seen nothing so fascinating for months"

Christopher Dunkley on "The Next Big Thing"
Financial Times.

Hear what`s going on in nanoscale science (a thousandth of a thousandth of a millimetre!), and find out what the experts think is just around the corner.



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Press Coverage
The programme was reviewed in the Financial Times.

Harry Kroto
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Nanotechnology - What is it? Will it change the world? What`s all the fuss about?

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