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Video recorded in 2004 and interviewed by Harry Kroto, scientist George Gray has contributed fundamentally to the research and development of liquid crystal materials which comprise the Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) that are so essential to today`s information based society. He created and systematized the liquid crystal materials science, and established a method of practical molecular design.





Liquid crystal materials are well known for their use as energy efficient display elements in countless products across a wide range of fields, including digital calculators, personal computers and LCD televisions. As such, they have become indispensable to today`s modern society.

Dr. Gray`s research in the area of synthesis and properties of liquid crystals has led him to succeed in creating liquid crystal compounds which are suitable for use in liquid crystal devices. His remarkable achievements in the area of molecular design research have been essential to the development of stable, durable liquid crystal compounds, and he has received acclaim from around the world for his contributions in creating functional, long-lasting liquid crystal materials. Without his distinguished service in this field, the liquid crystal device industry would never have developed to the levels it has attained today.

This science video interview with George Gray outlines his interests in science and gives an insight into his work and what drives him.

Tesxt adapted from the Inamori Foundation`s Kyoto Prize Website


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