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There have been many arguments for and against GM Foods, but the question still stands - are they potential saviours of mankind or a disaster waiting to happen?  This award winning video covers a range of important issues, discussed by scientists with an in-depth knowledge of the field.




".. I watched the video on GMOs - with complete fascination. It was by far the best discussion of the issue that I have seen or heard"

Lord Jenkins
Chairman of House of Lords Select Committee on Public Understanding of Science

Chaired by Colin Blakemore, the panel consists of Mike Bevan (John Innes Centre), Janet Radcliffe Richards (Open University), Steve Jones (University College), David Ho (Washington University, USA) and Angela Ryan (Open University).


Links To Other Information:

DNA From The Beginning
Nice video, audio and animations of the science and famous faces of biotechnology.

A great explanatory bio-tech site

New Scientist
Articles on GM

How Stuff Works
A beginners guide to GM

The Complete Text Of The Programme 

The End of Evolution?
Steve Jones Also Appears In The Vega Programme `The End of Evolution?`

This Programme Was An Award Winner At The Prix Leonardo

Press Coverage
The programme has been mentioned in various press articles.

GM Foods - Safe? - Is GM a potential savior of Mankind or a disaster waiting to happen?

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